Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wolf Guard: Ask the Hunter

It sometimes amazes me how cheap Wolf Guard Terminators can be. This guy is a mere 33 points, and he can make himself a bit of a handful if he wants to. Change that power axe into a frost axe and he's still only 43 points. I'll be tempted just to leave him with the humble power axe when I run him though, unless I have a spare 10 points knocking around.

This was one of those models where I was somewhat indifferent to him until I finished painting him. Then everything just seemed to "pop" and it all came together.

This guy, Ask the Hunter, is the last of the Wolf Guard Terminators I have painted. Five more will follow in the upcoming months.

Read on for Ask's tale.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Wolf Guard: Jofr Stonehewer

This Wolf Guard model, Jofr Stonehewer, came about from me wanting to build the now classic Lone Wolf with chainfist and storm shield. I figured he could stand in as a Wolf Guard or Lone Wolf as I wished.

The problem was the actual building. As you may now, the Wolf Guard Terminator kit has plenty of storm shields and chainfists, but they're all left-handed. So when the Arjac Rockfist model came out and he had a right-handed storm shield, I grabbed it.

Such an aggressively equipped model required an aggressive pose and I like how it turned out.

Read on for more on Jofr Stonehewer.