Saturday, 30 November 2013

Tarl Many-Winters

It was quite a challenge to create a combi-plasma for this model. I wanted it based on a storm bolter and manages to cut and file and scrape together something that looks vaguely right using a storm bolter and a plasma pistol.

This is Tarl Many-Winters and here is his saga.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hekkan Milkeye

The Space Wolf kits give you no shortage of bits to make fun Wolf Guard. However, I did borrow some standard marine parts for this model; a combi-plasma and a pointing power fist. On somewhat of a whim I painted only one pupil in his eyes and it turned out to work really nicely and has become a feature.

Hekkan Milkeye's tale follows.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Aernid Death-Howl

Here we have another Wolf Guard terminator, Aernid Death-Howl. Aernid is armed with a heavy flamer and power axe and although perhaps a bit of an odd set of wargear, I'm pleased with how this model turned out.

Aernid's tale follows.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Side project: Han Solo

I know this isn't 40K related, but it's hobby related, so I've decided it counts and I can post it!

I picked this Han Solo model up a few years ago from Knight Models and only just recently painted it. I;m not sure why I left it so long, but I'm glad I did as I don't think I had the skills to do a half-decent job a few years ago.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Halvr One-Eye

It is, of course, obligatory for at least one Terminator in your army to be equipped with a thunder hammer and storm shield. It's probably in the codex or something. So this is my big smashy-blocky dude; Halvr One-Eye.

So, if you're wondering who this guy is and why he's known as 'One-Eye' (clue: he has one eye), read on!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ranulf Krakenfist

This guy is undoubtedly one of my favourite Space Wolf models. It was one of those models that just goes together great and I'm really pleased with the result. Good fun to paint too: a model you really like is always more fun to paint.

There's a WIP post about this guy here, although his name has changed a little bit now.

So, read on for more about Ranulf.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Angron: WIP 6

Blood for the Blood God!

I was nervous when I was preparing to add blood and gore to Angron and his victims. If I messed it up, then it would be very difficult to remove. But once again, the materials used did most of the work.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Angron: WIP 5

I'm very much enjoying weathering. Just as I have become sold on decals and sponge weathering during this project, I have now become sold on weathering powders. They are so simple to use and give a great effect. I may have gone a little over the top because I was enjoying myself, but everything now looks sufficiently battle-worn.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Angron: WIP 4

I've now done the first stage of weathering; the addition of battle damage and paint chipping to the marines on the base. The is the first time I've tried weathering and I quite enjoyed it. Perhaps I went a little heavy on it for that reason, but with Death Guard and World Eaters I can probably get away with it.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Angron: WIP 3

Decals. I'm sold. 100%. I'm as sold as an unscrupulous salesperson's grandmother.

I think decals will be my new way of adding badges ad other details to models as they are far better than I would ever be able to paint freehand and the results are really great.

This post won't be a tutorial, as I followed a better one than I would be able to write (I'll give a link later), but there will be plenty of photos.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Angron: WIP 2

This is just a quick update on my Angron project to show how I've got on with the basing so far. I've now got the basic painting done on the base and diorama base, all ready for weathering powders.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Angron: WIP 1

This post being titled 'Angron: WIP 1' may be appropriate, but, as you can see, while there's been a certain amount of 'W' completed, there's really too much 'P' already done for my liking. But I need to stop neglecting this blog and update it with something. Got to please my fans after all. You're both welcome.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Grey Hunters: Raudsrekkr the Red's Pack

This is my third and final squad of Grey Hunters, completing the core of my Space Wolves army. Model-wise, this is probably my favourite squad of Grey Hunters as a number of these kitbashes just came together so pleasingly.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wolf Scouts of Fyf

Well, it's been a long time since I posted! I do apologise for that and will try to post a bit more regularly. My time was mainly taken up by replaying the entire Mass Effect trilogy (including all DLC) from start to end for the third time. Shepard won again. Those reapers are all talk.

There was also a lot of procrastination and general non-hobby-doing. Sometimes it's hard to get back to it once you break your flow. I did need a break though as I had been relentlessly painting Space Wolves and was sort of drained.

Anyway: let me introduce you to Fyf's contingent of Wolf Scouts. The first Space Wolf models I built, but not the first I painted, alas.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Grey Hunters: Hjorkyr Stormblade's Pack

Finally, I managed to post another showcase! Sorry for the delay; I've just not got round to posting lately but rest assured that I have been busy and there's another couple of squads after this one all finished, photographed, and waiting for me to write their mini-sagas. In fact; I now have a 1,500 point army ready to roll.

So with no further ado, let me introduce you to Hjorkyr Stormblade's Grey Hunters.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wolf Guard: Ask the Hunter

It sometimes amazes me how cheap Wolf Guard Terminators can be. This guy is a mere 33 points, and he can make himself a bit of a handful if he wants to. Change that power axe into a frost axe and he's still only 43 points. I'll be tempted just to leave him with the humble power axe when I run him though, unless I have a spare 10 points knocking around.

This was one of those models where I was somewhat indifferent to him until I finished painting him. Then everything just seemed to "pop" and it all came together.

This guy, Ask the Hunter, is the last of the Wolf Guard Terminators I have painted. Five more will follow in the upcoming months.

Read on for Ask's tale.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Wolf Guard: Jofr Stonehewer

This Wolf Guard model, Jofr Stonehewer, came about from me wanting to build the now classic Lone Wolf with chainfist and storm shield. I figured he could stand in as a Wolf Guard or Lone Wolf as I wished.

The problem was the actual building. As you may now, the Wolf Guard Terminator kit has plenty of storm shields and chainfists, but they're all left-handed. So when the Arjac Rockfist model came out and he had a right-handed storm shield, I grabbed it.

Such an aggressively equipped model required an aggressive pose and I like how it turned out.

Read on for more on Jofr Stonehewer.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Easy heat stained barrels: tutorial

Here is a really simple three-step way to create a heat stained appearance to gun barrels. You may have noticed the heat staining I painted on the assault cannon of my model of Barungr Half-said, and also on the plasma guns in Harald's Grey Hunters. I quite like it; I used to do brown heat staining but this blue-ish type is much more convincing to my eye.

I'll demonstrate it on a meltagun.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Wolf Guard: Barungr and Varungr

True brothers amongst Space Marines has become a bit of a trope now for something that's supposed to be very rare, so my decision to have two brothers amongst my Space Wolves is perhaps a little questionable. Still, I quite like the idea so I went ahead and came up with Barungr Half-said and Varungr Helblade.

I wanted these two brothers to be quite contrasting in style, hence Barungr wields an assault cannon while Varungr has a frost blade and storm shield. I did, however, try to choose their heads quite carefully. I needed to use two that looked distinct yet similar enough that they would be convincing as true brothers.

Incidentally, some of you may remember my WIP post for Varungr. Good to have him all finished.

Okay, so let me tell the tale of Barungr and Varungr.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Shining power weapons: tutorial

There are so many variations on painting power weapons. This is a tutorial on how I do mine. It's based off a White Dwarf article from a few years ago, and it's a technique I really like as it's not that hard and the effect is good. Plus you don't need an airbrush!

What more could I want?

This is a little more involved than my other tutorials, but don't be put off by that. It's much easier than it looks.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Wolf Guard Braegr Bearclaw

"Into the breach, brothers! Show these beasts what it means to fight the sons of Russ!"
-- Braegr Bearclaw during the final assault of the murder-make at Anayat Secundus

Here is the first of the ten Wolf Guard Terminators I will have in my Space Wolves army. Based on the Arjac Rockfist model, I added twin lightning claws to produce Braegr Bearclaw.

There are a lot of nice details on the Arjac model. And he's huge! Noticably bigger than a regular terminator. The pose of the Arjac model lent itself very well to the lightning claws and I'm really pleased with how the pose turned out.

The model wasn't the best cast, but I'd already returned my first Arjac due to a missing nose. Most of the details were fine, but the face still wasn't the best. But I decided to quit while I was more or less ahead and stick with this model.

Let me introduce you to Braegr.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Simple boltgun casings: tutorial

Here's a quick little tutorial on how I paint black gun casings quickly and easily. This would work particularly well for casings with engraved details, like on many of the Space Wolf boltguns.

I really hate line highlighting gun casings. They are such a pain and I can never make them look any good. So I applied my quick-and-easy methods to them.

Read on for the details.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Pingo played a game!

I played a game today! This is a rare thing for me. In fact, it was only my second game of Sixth Edition.

The battle was a 1500 point game with my Ultramarines and allied Space Wolves taking on Chaos Space Marines.

I took the chance to test out my Space Wolves for the first time by including some of them as an allied detachment to my Ultramarines.

The saga of Rikkard Threadcutter: Part III - Grey Hunter

The third part of the Saga of Rikkard Threadcutter is told today by Jorn, Skald of Fyf. The previous parts can be found here.

Click for Rikkard's showcase!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

The saga of Rikkard Threadcutter: Part I - Youth

This is the first part of the saga of Rikkard Threadcutter, the White Wolf and Jarl of Fyf.

This account is relayed by Jorn, Skald of Fyf.

Click for Rikard's showcase!

Wolf Lord Rikkard Threadcutter, Jarl of Fyf

I always plan to hold off a while on painting fun HQs, but inevitably temptation gets the better of me and I found myself painting up my Wolf Lord of the holiday period. It was a great way to spend the free time as I had a blast doing him.

Several months ago I wrote a WIP post about this guy, so go ahead and take a look. In the meantime, I'd better introduce you to the big man himself, but be sure to check out the four-part Saga of Rikkard Threadcutter. The first part may be found by clicking on the link below. A new part will appear every day.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Patrekr's Long Fang Pack

This is Patrekr's Long Fang pack. You may remember Patrekr the Sharp-minded from a previous blog post. He's now completely finished, along with his pack.

This is your typical missile launcher Long Fang pack. Now I'm not one to subscribe to net lists and things like that, but it was clear to me from the Space Wolf codex that Long Fangs with missile launchers are a steal being so cheap, versatile, and effective. These are the only missile launcher Long Fangs in my army, however. Personally, I don't like to duplicate units.

With this unit I tried to make them all look at rest to represent the calmer and more measured nature of Long Fangs. It's quite a nice contrast to the much more aggressive poses of my other units.

After the break, individual photos and background for these venerable old warriors.

It must be Faeit ...

I take an odd fascination in the number of hits my blog receives. I guess I just like numbers! I think it's exciting if you get a lot of hits, interesting to see what posts prove popular, and it's incredible to see the variety of countries readers are from.

Yesterday I received 72 hits all day. Not bad for me really. There wasn't anything new of interest.

This morning, bleary eyed, I checked the statistics for my blog.

472 hits.

Huh? There must be some kind of mistake. Some crazy person must be skipping between my pages or accidentally glued down their refresh button or something.

But no! Today, very kindly, Natfka over at the Faeit 212 blog featured my humble blog on his Blog Exchange!

I really must say a big thank you for Natka for doing that as I cannot believe the amount of traffic that this has generated for my blog today (update: 1468 views in the end; more than 30% of my all time hits came today). It's really nice to know that people have seen your work, and even nicer when you get a kind and complementary comment on a post. It's very motivating.

In case, by some strange twist of Faeit (geddit?!) you are reading this but have never visited the Faeit 212 blog, please check it out. Natfka does sterling work in compiling 40k rumours and posting them in a clear and informative way.

Not only that, but he helps out little blogs like mine get an audience. Awesome work for the 40k community.

So, once again; thanks a lot, Natfka for your help, and if anyone is reading this, whether you arrived here from Faeit 212 or not, thanks also to you and I genuinely hope you enjoy my work.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013: the hobby year ahead

Since it's the first day of the new year, I decided to set out a few modest goals for the year ahead. I bet no other bloggers have thought of doing this ...

These aims are fairly broad, and I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself to get everything done. I used to put far too much pressure on myself to get things done in this hobby and found it sucked the fun out of it.

So, read on to see what my plans are, and therefore what you can expect to see on my blog!