Current projects


My first 40K army, I've liked Ultramarines ever since I decided I preferred blue Space Marines over red or dark green Space Marines when I was a kid.

I've been building and painting my current Ultramarine army for about four years. I think I have 178 painted miniatures now, and I will update this blog with as many photos as I can.

The plan with this army is to collect the entire Second Company, a large detachment from the First Company, a section of vehicles, all led by Marneus Calgar himself.

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Space Wolves

My second 40K army is now built in its entirety. This has been a much more carefully and tightly planned army than my Ultramarines. Every model was decided upon before any glue was spilt, and I bought materials just to fulfil my requirements.

I was inspired to start a Space Wolves army by Dan Abnett's Prospero Burns Horus Heresy novel and I've tried to capture the spirit of Abnett's Vlka Fenryka with my own Wolves.

Expect to see WIP shots of this army as it comes together.

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