Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Marneus Calgar

Well they don't get much more Ultramariney than this guy! Marneus Augustus Calgar himself.

This model is a real challenge to paint. I had to paint him in four sub-assemblies (legs and base, torso and arms, 'U' icon, and sword). I took my time with this model as I really didn't want to mess up on the Calgar model in my Ultramarine army. That wouldn't do at all.

So, I thought I'd test out my new light tent by photographing Calgar. It's a very busy and detailed model, which I really tried to push my painting on. The photos aren't too bad using this new arrangement. Bare in mind I use my phone's camera and I don't have proper lights.

Doesn't he look magnificent. Almost like some kind of spiritual liege ...
Anyway: better talk about the model now!

I love the power this model conveys. Personally, I reckon this model will go down as a GW classic. With him on the table there is no question who is leading your army. The icons and decoration on the armour, though extensive, is all very fitting and appropriate.

One thing I love about this model is that much of the design stems directly from the classic power armoured Calgar model from way back. I remember coveting that model when I was a merely a young whipper-snapper, armed only with a paintbrush and a dream ... *ahem* ... sorry. Long story short: I saved up to buy him.

The cape turned out quite well and I did spend a lot of time on it. Red capes are rather enjoyable to paint, I find, and the colour goes so well with the rich Ultramarine blues and golds. I'm afraid I didn't dare try and do a freehand design like I've seen on a few really excellent Calgar paintjobs, such as (now of 'Eavy Metal) Joe Tomaszewski's definitive rendition.

I'm very pleased with how the face turned out on this model. It's a great one to paint as it's a bit different to the usual Space Marine face GW uses. The sculpt helps a lot as the prominent areas are nice and, well, prominent! I could even get the tongue and teeth without much difficulty.

Regrettably, I'm yet to use Calgar in a game. He's a bit expensive and building a list around him specially hasn't been appropriate for the sort of games I've played to this point. But he will be used and I can't wait!

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