Thursday, 3 January 2013

It must be Faeit ...

I take an odd fascination in the number of hits my blog receives. I guess I just like numbers! I think it's exciting if you get a lot of hits, interesting to see what posts prove popular, and it's incredible to see the variety of countries readers are from.

Yesterday I received 72 hits all day. Not bad for me really. There wasn't anything new of interest.

This morning, bleary eyed, I checked the statistics for my blog.

472 hits.

Huh? There must be some kind of mistake. Some crazy person must be skipping between my pages or accidentally glued down their refresh button or something.

But no! Today, very kindly, Natfka over at the Faeit 212 blog featured my humble blog on his Blog Exchange!

I really must say a big thank you for Natka for doing that as I cannot believe the amount of traffic that this has generated for my blog today (update: 1468 views in the end; more than 30% of my all time hits came today). It's really nice to know that people have seen your work, and even nicer when you get a kind and complementary comment on a post. It's very motivating.

In case, by some strange twist of Faeit (geddit?!) you are reading this but have never visited the Faeit 212 blog, please check it out. Natfka does sterling work in compiling 40k rumours and posting them in a clear and informative way.

Not only that, but he helps out little blogs like mine get an audience. Awesome work for the 40k community.

So, once again; thanks a lot, Natfka for your help, and if anyone is reading this, whether you arrived here from Faeit 212 or not, thanks also to you and I genuinely hope you enjoy my work.



  1. You have a great blog. Your deserve all the attention and positive comments you get. I read your previous blog as well and look forward to reading the interesting material and tutorials.

    By the way, thanks for mentioning me.

    Regards and all the best for the new year,


    1. All the best to you too! And thanks for your kind comments :)

  2. I agree that the views are well deserved. I found you from your threads on the bolter and chainsword and have been following your Space Wolf project with enthusiasm.

    Please keep up the good work.