Saturday, 30 November 2013

Tarl Many-Winters

It was quite a challenge to create a combi-plasma for this model. I wanted it based on a storm bolter and manages to cut and file and scrape together something that looks vaguely right using a storm bolter and a plasma pistol.

This is Tarl Many-Winters and here is his saga.

Long of fang, but stout of heart, Tarl shows how for the sons of Russ, age need not be a burden like it is for non-Astartes. Indeed, as has been shown many times since Russ himself walked among men, age can be a boon indeed. No one knows how old Tarl is, or at least, no one dares ask. Certainly there are none older among the company of Fyf. Well, none who truly live anyway.

To his brothers, Tarl has always been a Wolf Guard. He was already a Wolf Guard when even the Jarl was a Blood Claw. The details of how he achieved this position have been lost and obfuscated over time and over many retellings. Tarl himself speaks little of his exploits for he is unusually modest for one of the Rout.

What is known is that it was a mighty deed, that he slew some great zenos champion in single combat. Some say it was a brutish greenskin, others that it was a fey but powerfully cunning psyker of the eldar breed. Tarl will not be drawn on it, saying that he has slain many and cares not to recall them all.

But for all the respect and admiration a warrior of Tarl's standing engenders, some brothers do question in whispers and hushed tones why he speaks not of his deeds long ago. Some say that there are times when Tarl's eyes betray the existence of some terrible truth that he has vowed to keep hidden. Perhaps that even what scant details are known are nothing but misinformation. Some even say there is the whiff of an Inquisitor's influence over him, though that is approaching heresy for a Wolf to utter.

Whatever the truth, it will die with Tarl. But not for many winters still.


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