Monday, 5 November 2012

Wolf Guard Pack Leaders: WIP

One of the key parts of the Space Wolf army list is integrating Wolf Guard Pack Leaders with the various units from within the codex. The Wolf Guard are so versatile, they can be built to complement any type of unit. Plus with the new challenge rules in Sixth Edition, they can come in handy.

In my army, I plan to use the pack leaders almost exclusively with Grey Hunters and here I'll show you three Wolf Guard who are not only my favourites of the ones I've built, but are likely to be the ones I will use most.

I'll start with one of the models I like best from my army: Ranulf Wyrdspite. Ranulf is armed with a simple bolter and a power fist. You can give a Grey Hunter a power fist, but to be honest I feel that the Wolf Guard is not only more economic in terms of points, but he gets one more attack with it.

When I first put Ranulf together, I felt he really needed something extra on the left shoulder pad. Therefore, I broke out the green stuff and added a fur pelt. Fur is relatively easy to do with green stuff: I just put a rough shape on the model and starting at the bottom use a scalpel to make cuts and groves, pushing the putty in alternate directions. Ron from From the Warp has a similar method, and his tutorial may be found here.

Next up is Ulfrykr Shieldsplitter. He's armed with a mighty Frost Axe and a Bolt Pistol. I really like weapons held in two hands, so I'm a big fan of the two-handed axe arrangement that you get in the Space Wolf kit. As with Ranulf, he has a backpack icon: a theme that I tried to stick to where I could with the Wolf Guard I've built so that they stand out a bit from squads, and it lends them a little gravity.

Finally, here's Olrun Helfist, armed with a power fist and a combi-plasma. I have a Grey Hunter squad equipped with plasma guns so he's a natural fist for them. Nothing too remarkable about this guy, although his power fist is customised.

I found a pointing fist, shaved and filed off the details and stuck on a Wolfy shield icon bit from one of tthe Wolf kits. When painted, it should all come together.

Thanks for looking at more WIP shots. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. will you be making the whole pack like the others?