Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Terminator Chaplain

Just a quick little showcase post today; I have been neglecting the blog lately.

Here's my rendition of GW's outstanding Terminator Chaplain miniature. This is undoubtedly one of my very favourite models from GW. Everything about it is just spot-on. He's so imposing and positively oozes character. The helmet is tilted at just the right angle, and the parchments are superbly realised.

GW have very kindly left enough clear space around the iconography on the right shoulder pad to allow you to paint on a chapter symbol. I am cringing at my rather too heavy shading between the winged skeleton and blue background. Thankfully, under normal scrutiny, it's not too noticeable.

The only modification I made to this model was swapping the storm bolter for a combi-plamsa. This particular bit is from GW's Terminator Librarian (another awesome model). It's a little unusual for me not to tinker with models, but sometimes doing so just feels wrong. This was one of those cases: the original model cannot be improved by anything within my capabilities.

I experimented with a slightly unusual technique to paint the armour on this model. In fact, it was this mehtod that eventually evolved into my quick and effective Space Wolf armour technique.

Over a black undercoat, I drybrushed with Codex Grey then Fortress Grey. I then washed generously with Badab Black. This produced a rather pleasing aged look, which is ever so slightly off-black. I find that strong bright highlights on black stand out a bit too much for me, and this technique dodges the problem somewhat.

The palette used on this model is actually quite limited. This is a style that I am keen to do more of, and am keeping it firmly in mind with my Space Wolves where I am trying not to use any more colours than I really need.

I'm so tempted to run this guy in a game with Calgar in some crazy super expensive unit of doom. Actually, at 130 points, this guy isn't too pricey and could happily be used as a single HQ in a smaller game.

Comments, as always, are welcome.

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