Wednesday, 24 October 2012

One small step ...

It's one small step for pingo, one giant leap for ... well ... pingo.

Welcome to my shiny new blog! I've just finished cleaning up in here, so don't forget to wipe your feet when you come in.

Starting a blog is something that's been nagging at the back of my mind to do for a while now, so I finally bit the bullet and jumped into this brave new world. Good to get online I reckon – I hear this Internet thing is going to be big.

So what do I plan to do here?

Well, I have no specifics in mind. I expect this blog will evolve as time goes on, but what I do know is I intend to post my hobby progress and from time to time my general thoughts on hobby-related matters. I may post some tutorials and useful tips I've come across along my way. Anything that takes my fancy really.

I will make one promise: I'll always try to keep it light, good-humoured, and welcoming.

Now I don't claim to be some kind of hobby guru, but if this blog ends up helping someone out, or even as a pleasant and amusing diversion to someone, then that's just fine by me. Plus, it keeps me off the streets.

So join me as I dip my toe into the inviting waters of the Bloglantic Ocean.

Now ... where are my armbands?

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