Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ultramarines Terminator Squad

Terminators. I love them. So imposing and great fun to use in games. However, it's a rare thing to came across dynamic and excitingly posed terminators which is why I adore GW's Space Hulk Terminators, and why I had to convert them to be part of my Ultramarine army.

After a much shaving off of Blood Angels iconography (where possible), I managed to get them looking Ultramariney. Of course, all the blue amour helps ...

This sergeant model is one of GW's best. It has a great flow and dynamism to it. As with all great miniatures, it was a real pleasure to paint. He could very easily stand in as a Captain with a Relic Blade.

White capes are great ... until you have to paint them!
When I started out on this, I had the idea of painting the cape white. After all, white is the colour of the veteran, the colour of the first company, and would stand out nicely. Halfway through painting, I began to regret that decision! White is trying at the best of times, but the style of this cape made life even harder. Very hard to make white smooth and there's not much space to make the transitions in shading. However, it turned out ok in the end.

I love painting faces. This was a good face. Looking at this photo, I probably should have made a bit more of the battle damage. Notice the Forge World brass etch icon on the chest, strategically covering a Blood Angels icon.

This model has a number of elements that I really enjoy on Ultramarines. The first is the gold decoration against the background of blue armour. I suspect there is a reason GW has used these colours on their studio Ultramarines, and extensively on packaging and promotional images. The colours work really well together.

The second is white against blue. The contrast is nice. In fact, there's two styles of white used here. One is a warmer white shaded with brown (the tabard), and the other is a colder white shaded with blue (the helmet). I find the warmer tone works for 'soft' things while the colder tone works for 'hard' things.

One of my favourite things about this sculpt are the numerous marksmanship awards/icons. I recall GW tied this into the character's background. It's great when story and sculpting come together.

I've never been entirely convinced by the pose of this model, but it's chock full of lovely details. For some reason, and I don't know why, I find that two strips of colour looks really nice on a chainblade.

This model holds his assault cannon in a very unusual position in comparison to the normal way we see heavy weapons being carried on GW models. What it does do is lend some dynamism, and to me it gives the impression that this guy is not at all burdened by the weight of this giant cannon.

This one is not a Space Hulk mini, of course. This was just a good old-fashioned kit-bash. Only one very minor 'conversion' on this: a slight repositioning of the arm. I think I did sculpt the purity seals on the chest and shoulder pad, though with the paint on I can't quite tell. Or remember!

Angry bald men are so last decade. Angry hirsute men are the future!
(sorry about the blob of blue on the hair ... oops!)
The head is a Blood Angels one. I really like those Blood Angel heads from a few years ago. Makes a change from the usual 'angry bald dude' we find in marine kits.

Aside from painting faces, I also really like painting green laurel wreathes. No idea why!

I like to end posts with a little game-related note. I like to use these guys as a bodyguard to my Terminator Librarian, whom I posted previously. Quite a solid unit and they complement each other nicely.

Any comments and questions, feel free to leave your words below!

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