Monday, 21 October 2013

Angron: WIP 4

I've now done the first stage of weathering; the addition of battle damage and paint chipping to the marines on the base. The is the first time I've tried weathering and I quite enjoyed it. Perhaps I went a little heavy on it for that reason, but with Death Guard and World Eaters I can probably get away with it.

The primary technique I used here was sponge weathering. I use a torn off piece of sponge from a KR Multicase carrying case but just a normal kitchen sponge would work the same. I just dipped it in unwatered down paint (it's best to keep it fairly thick) and wiped off the excess. Then it was just a simple matter of dabbing it against the parts of the armour where I wanted the paint chipped.

I use Adeptus Battlegrey on the World Eaters and the old Charadon Granite on the Death Guard. In fact, I felt the Charadon Granite colour worked so well, I went back and applied a little of it to the World Eaters too.

I also applied the sponge-stippled paint to the decals in order to make them looked chipped and worn too. It really helped draw them onto the models and really seem part of the armour.

I painted on by brush a few larger dents and gashes on the armour. This is very simple to do: you just paint the damage with a flat dark colour (ideally a very dark shade of the base armour colour) and then paint a white, or near-white, line on the underside.

All-in-all, this was a very quick process. I got all the chipping done in about 45 minutes or so. And I was watching TV while doing it so was hardly rushing. I think this is another technique I'll carry forward into future projects.

Oh, one final thing; I added a little OSL around the World Eaters' helmet lenses. Just a little Bloodletter glaze, nothing fancy. The Death Guard's lenses are deliberately not illuminated since he's somewhat ... deactivated.

So, here's a bunch of photos of my efforts.

There's no photos of Angron here as I didn't want to add battle damage to his armour for a few reasons: he's fresh to the fight in the scene I'm depicting, I didn't want to spoil the effect I've already got on his armour, and finally, he's Angron; who will have made a mark on him anyway?

Next stage is using weathering powers to add dirt, stains, grime, corrosion, and other non-battle damage weathering. I'm starting to see the end of this project over the horizon. It's all starting to come together.

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