Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Angron: WIP 5

I'm very much enjoying weathering. Just as I have become sold on decals and sponge weathering during this project, I have now become sold on weathering powders. They are so simple to use and give a great effect. I may have gone a little over the top because I was enjoying myself, but everything now looks sufficiently battle-worn.

There's about a billion tutorials online for how to use weathering powders, but I'll give a little run-down of what I did. It's pretty standard really; no fancy or unusual techniques.

So, the powders themselves are Forge World's own. I wasn't sure which ones to get really, but these seemed to have a good range of colours and seemed about as good as any other. I can't say I have experience of other brands, but I had no issue with the Forge World powers.

To use them I just took a number of pots with similar or complementary colours and dabbed, dropped, and brushed the powders on in a way that seemed to look right. I used an old beaten-up dry brush of this. To fix the powder into place I used white spirit. I loaded up an old brush with the white spirit and very lightly dabbed it onto the powers. The spirit spreads out readily and wicks through all the powder and when it dries (which is does quite quickly), the powders are fairly solidly fixed in place.

I sometimes created a sort of wash with the white spirit and power to create some staining and so forth, but I only did this very sparingly. This is what you would do to create oil streaks and so forth.

For the World Eaters on the diorama base, I concentrated the powers around their boots with only sparing use on the rest of their armour. I did a little on the shoulder pads to try and make them seem a bit scorched.

For the Death Guard, I went a bit heavier all over the marine since I picture him having been killed some time before and suffered through the virus bombing and all manner of other trials before this particular scene. Also, it's a Death Guard thing to be a bit grubby.

For Angron himself, the weathering is fairly sparce. He's not been in the fight long, so it's mainly on his boots (though you can't see it so well in the photos). I also dirtied up his arm and shoulder armour because I liked how Forge World had done that on their version. I perhaps went a bit far on the shoulders and the powder spread out too much, but in the end I think it will work out. There's a little powder on the axes too just to dull them down really.

Finally the cape had powers applied to give the appearance it had been dragged through the dirt. I dropped a few clumps of a darker mud brown on and kept them quite distinct to look like mud splashes.

It was a lot of fun doing this, and a little weathering powder will no doubt find its way onto more of my models.

Next step is adding the blood and gore to the models; another new thing for me so I'll look forward to that!

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