Saturday, 26 October 2013

Angron: WIP 6

Blood for the Blood God!

I was nervous when I was preparing to add blood and gore to Angron and his victims. If I messed it up, then it would be very difficult to remove. But once again, the materials used did most of the work.

The method I used for adding the blood and gore came from Tale of Painters. It's really as simple as it looks: you just mix Tamiya Clear Red and Nuln Oil wash and you get instant blood. It even dries shiny. In fact, as it dries, the mixture thickens and you can create some gobbets of gore with it.

Additionally to what I found of Tale of Painters, I made another mixture with a little Scorched Brown and Abaddon Black in the mix to make some darker blobs and smears.

I created a bit a light splatter by loading up a GW stipple brush and flicking the bristles with my finger. It didn't work too well really, but perhaps that was good as it meant I didn't go over the top. On reflection, a toothbrush might have been better for this job.

As for technique rather than method, I mainly just sploshed on the blood mix where appropriate and tried not to spread it out too much. To create the smears on Angron's axes, I waited until the mix was getting a little drier and stickier and dragged it across with on old brush in as consistent direction as I could.

So; here's some photos.

Again, this was all new to me and like my previous weathering efforts, I really enjoyed it. A very simple thing to do, and it worked nicely. I think it's important to keep gore in check, and hopefully I got the balance right here.

Next I will begin to put the whole thing together. I may try and create some strings of gore, like those demonstrated on Chest of Colors, if it seems like it might not take things too far.

I'm getting really close to finishing this project now.

Thanks for looking!

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