Saturday, 19 October 2013

Angron: WIP 3

Decals. I'm sold. 100%. I'm as sold as an unscrupulous salesperson's grandmother.

I think decals will be my new way of adding badges ad other details to models as they are far better than I would ever be able to paint freehand and the results are really great.

This post won't be a tutorial, as I followed a better one than I would be able to write (I'll give a link later), but there will be plenty of photos.

This was my basic equipment. A knife to cut the decal out, water to loosen the decal from the backing paper, Micro Set and Micro Sol to set the decal, and an old brush to help push the decal into place. The varnishes were to prepare and finish the surfaces. The syringes were just to decant the Mirco Set and Mirco Sol from the bottles to my palette.

As for how I did this, I followed Ron's advise on From the Warp. I won't insult him be plagiarizing his advise here.

I have used decals in the past but was never very happy with them. The use of Mirco Set and Micro Sol really helped as the softening action of the solutions really helped the decals adhere smoothly. I can see why these products are the standards against which all other decal solutions are measured.

I'd like to talk a little about the two vanishes I used too: Vallejo's gloss and matt varnishes. The gloss was used to prepare the surface and make it nice and smooth and then when the decals were is place, it was used to seal and protect them. Nothing too remarkable about this bit, but it was the matt varnish that really impressed me.

I didn't want shiny shoulder pads and just one coat of the matt varnish totally obliterated the sheen and gave a lovely matt finish; quite close to the mattness of the paint on the models. It also matts out the shiny part that surrounds decals where the ink wasn't printed on the paper. Fantastic; a highly recommended product.

Forge World's decals were good to use and there's plenty of choice on their sheets, which seem to be 'army-sized' with enough decals to put on loads of troops and vehicles. They range from the very big indeed, to the extremely tiny.

Anyway; that's probably all I've got to say on decals so I'll just show you the pictures!

The tactical arrow is a bit kinked here, but this was my third attempt at the decal. For some reason I just couldn't quite line it up right.

Thanks for checking this post out and do please check out From the Warp if you want to use decals yourself. It's not so hard and the results are great, so if you're considering it, just go for it. I won't look back.

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