Saturday, 9 November 2013

Halvr One-Eye

It is, of course, obligatory for at least one Terminator in your army to be equipped with a thunder hammer and storm shield. It's probably in the codex or something. So this is my big smashy-blocky dude; Halvr One-Eye.

So, if you're wondering who this guy is and why he's known as 'One-Eye' (clue: he has one eye), read on!

When the Jarl needs a shield to protect against the worse of blows, Halvr is there. When the Jarl needs a hammer to strike hard and true against the anvil of war, Halvr is there. Only the best and most capable warriors are made champions of defenders of their Jarl. Halvr is one such venerable brother.

Halvr was already a Wolf Guard of many years' service when the current Jarl, Rikkard, the Threadcutter, was raised to that lofty position. He earned his place defending the life of Fyf's last remaining navigator during a localised Geller field breach on the Howl of Russ. Whatever upset the machine spirit that day, none could say, but the field came down in the worst possible place; the navigators' isolatorum.

It was Halvr's wyrd that meant he was close by the isolatorum when the breach occurred and maleficarum entered the ship. The screams of the navigators heralded an awful scene. Blood ran thick on the floor of the navigators' chambers and Halvr saw that the vile beings from the realm behind our realm had the last of the cohort cornered like a pack of hungry dogs. With a roar of defiance, Halvr set about them and shielded the trembling human, taking many wounds.

Knowing the importance of preserving the life of the only navigator left aboard the Howl of Russ, Halvr refused to succumb to the maleficarum. With no navigator, Fyf would be cast adrift, unguided upon the tides of the warp with no hope of return. More and more foul denizens of the warp poured forth and still Halvr would not yield. When his brothers found him, a weaponless Halvr was shielding the navigator with his very body, preferring to sacrifice his soul than his brothers' lives. Such feats are never forgotten, and Halvr's place among the Wolf Guard was doubted by no one.


Thanks, as ever, for reading. I hope you enjoyed this. Comments welcome as always.