Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hekkan Milkeye

The Space Wolf kits give you no shortage of bits to make fun Wolf Guard. However, I did borrow some standard marine parts for this model; a combi-plasma and a pointing power fist. On somewhat of a whim I painted only one pupil in his eyes and it turned out to work really nicely and has become a feature.

Hekkan Milkeye's tale follows.

The event that ruined Hekkan's left eye was the very same event that earned him his place in Fyf's Wolf Guard. The hated Word Bearers had infiltrated a seemingly unremarkable world that held some nefarious importance to them. So insidious was their infiltration that when they commanded their puppets to rise up, most of the positions of power and influence were held by their minions.

The Rout responded as is their purpose. Fyf arrived to find that the traitors were trying to initiate some great ritual and the Rune Priests urgently petitioned that the company strike at the very centre of it immediately, so close to completion was the vile ritual, and so dire the consequences should it be completed. A drop pod assault was called and the Wolves howled down from the heavens into the very heart of the storm.

Hekkan was part of that great assault from the sky and made landing with his pack in the very worst of the insanity the Word Bearers had unleashed. Cultists threw themselves upon the Wolves' blades, seemingly in ecstasy while manifestations from the warp burst in and out of reality. The power building up could be felt in the bones, and every warrior knew that the sorcerer at the centre of it all must be stopped at all costs.

Hekken and his pack were the first to breach the sorcerer's inner sanctum and they fought a hard fight against the Word Bearers within. Several fell, but the traitors were slain. However, the sorcerer still stood, having used his brothers as distraction, and was on the verge of completing his vile purpose. A sickening and unbearable light flooded the chamber and the pain of it forced the Wolves to shield their eyes as it bored into their brains. Hekkan, finding within him some iota of Russ's resilience, managed to crack open one eye long enough to aim a shot at the enraptured sorcerer. The shot was true and struck the foe between the eyes. But, the effort cost Hekkan his sight, and very nearly his sanity. The eye he opened became white as a pool of milk, the sight totally gone – so much so not even an augmetic would take. But Hekkan bears his scar with pride as all sacrifices made in the name of Russ and the Allfather are noble and worthy.


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