Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ranulf Krakenfist

This guy is undoubtedly one of my favourite Space Wolf models. It was one of those models that just goes together great and I'm really pleased with the result. Good fun to paint too: a model you really like is always more fun to paint.

There's a WIP post about this guy here, although his name has changed a little bit now.

So, read on for more about Ranulf.

"The line must be drawn here! Here, and no further!"
-- Ranulf Krakenfist before the tide turned on Lorn's World

On Fenris, the great Kraken of the turbulent oceans split the waves to split the boats of the seafarers who brave the tempest. They strike hard, sudden and fast, despite their great size. Ranulf of the Rout is like unto the Kraken, his mighty fist knocking foes down hard, and forever.

Young for a Wolf Guard, his locks still golden and face still smooth, he has earned his place amongst that venerable company twice over. He was raised above his brothers on the frozen murder fields of Lorn's World. The Rout had suffered several defeats against the insane shock attacks of the grotesque abhuman cyborg creations of the code-corrupted Arch Magos, Dominus. Tired of retreat and facing yet another attack, Ranulf quite literally drew a line in the snow and vowed that he would not set one foot behind that line, not then, and not ever.

The charge came, hard and terrible, and the huge monstrosities were buckling the line of the men of Fyf. However in one place the line refused to bend, and Ranulf was at the centre of it, fighting like a man possessed. He took many grave wounds but refused to die, hanging onto his tread like a hookfish hangs onto it's prey. Inspired by his example, the Rout rallied and turned the tide.

When the fight was won, Ranulf fell to his knees, his rent and torn body finally giving out on him. However amongst the many footprints and marks on the snow around the fallen warrior, not one was behind the line Ranulf drew, the snow there being as smooth as when it fell. The Jarl ordered the Wolf Priests to save Ranulf at all costs, and save him they did though it was a close run thing. Indeed, the Jarl offered his own vein to use in a transfusion for the exsanguinated warrior. Ranulf had caught the Jarl's eye that day and ever since has been a stalwart member of his companions and guards.

A vital, potent, and unbreakable warrior, Ranulf is often to be found leading his brothers in desperate defences and heroic last stands. Wherever Ranulf treads, the line is never weak.


Thanks for reading this! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and story. Let me know in the comments.


  1. I love your space wolves, greatly painted and a cool bit of fluff that shows you love them too. Keep it up, Love to see your SW company grow.

    I like the base armour colour too. You really should update your painting tutorial tho, plus any tip n tricks you've learnt doing it in the last year.

    1. Thanks! The techniques have been pretty unchanging, but updates couldn't hurt. I'll see if I can get around to it. This guy was painted a while ago (I've got a bunch of Wolves saved up for posts) but I expect I'll paint up some more in the coming months and see about taking fresh tutorial photos.


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